Inovelli LZW31-SN & LZW31 do not show config option in HomeAssistant 0.114.4

I have a red and black dimmer that I can not adjust any of the config options in home assistant. When I go to the z-wave configuration page, and select the node, there is nothing under the Node Configuration Options. It may be a bug because when I click the drop down for Node Configuration Options the page freezes, and I need to reload it. This happens for both the Red and Black Dimmers but not my LZW36 or any of my other z wave devices. Any ideas?

Assuming you’re using the original Z wave integration and not the new one?

If so, did you add the config files for the switches? Here is a link to some instructions on how I got my Red dimmer switches working.

I moved to the new OZW integration and it works out of the box and all configuration can be done in the OpenZ Wave admin tool.

Yes I am using the original Z wave integration and yes I did add the OZWave config files already.

I would go back through and double check everything. Those instructions that I linked do work so something didn’t take or there’s a config entry missing somewhere. Make sure Home Assistant is completely stopped first otherwise the files may get overwritten with whats in memory.

I checked all the files and there was a problem with the black dimmer file, which I corrected. I restarted the server and Z-wave but nothing has changed. Are the config files only read when the device is added?

Okay I tried removing the node, and re-adding it, but I’m still getting the same thing. Because the configuration page freezes, it seems like it’s a bug in Home Assistant to me.

Any ideas? I still am not able to change config parameters.

I’m not sure. It was a bit of a process to get it working under the old Z wave integration for me, but it did work. My suggestion would be to start looking at migrating to the new integration. That migration is a process in itself, but the switches work out of the box.

Thanks I plan to switch over once it’s out of beta. I have a lot of Z wave devices and I want to keep my system as stable as possible