Inovelli LZW42 Setup - ZWavejs2mqtt

I just purchased an Inovelli LZW42 Bulb to play around with. I am running Zwavejs2mqtt on a remote RPi with webserver enabled. Home Assistant OS is running in a VM on Windows Server.

Inovelli lists this procedure for Is this still necessary? Are there drivers that I have to install on my RPi for this to work? Hoping someone has gotten this set up and working in a similar setup to mine. Thanks

Those directions are for openzwave, which is deprecated.

Zwavejs is the new integration and does not require these steps. Inovelli devices should already be included in the zwavejs database

I dont have an inovelli bulb but the dimmer, on off, and fan light switches all configured from zwavejs immediately and automatically after inclusion when they were interviewed.