Inovelli NZW39 Zwave help

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I recently purchased a rebranded Inovelli NZW39 (Brand is Eva Logik). The device works great but isn’t supported in Home Assistant (shows up as unknown). I see an xml with this device name listed in my Zwave config, but its still showing up as unknown. What steps can I do to get it added correctly?

The device configuration is not part of the default open zwave 1.4. You will have to manually add the configuration files to your z-wave config.

See here:

HA includes xml config files for two versions of the NZW39:

<Product type="b212" id="271c" name="NZW39 Smart Plug Dimmer" config="inovelli/simple_module.xml"/>
<Product type="2700" id="2700" name="NZW39 Smart Plug Dimmer (w/Scene)" config="inovelli/nzw39.xml"/>

If your version is the same as those, you would just need to add an entry with the correct type and id values to the manufacturer_specific.xml file.

Does your switch have a different type or id?