Inovelli officially too expensive. Now what? Recommend your favorite smart switches

Inovelli went from $45 to $60. No thanks. What are the best switches now? US, communication type doesn’t matter. I gave ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Lutron already. Please include price per switch. I have neutrals.

Update: Going with Zooz, their prices are crazy good. Just bought a bunch in the ~$24 range from here

You can buy Athom smart switches with ESPHome already flashed on them. I recently bought some for $20 each.

Zooz, Zooz and Zooz…

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I like most of my Zooz stuff. For some things the consumer is the Beta tester (ZEN52 HW Version 1, yay) but most of the time it works well.
If you’re in the US the prices are pretty great as well.

Unfortunately their only distributor in Canada has quite a hefty upcharge of sometimes more than double the US prices (which is in and of itself pretty much the norm for Canadians, can’t really blame that distributor specifically). But the US store no longer ships to Canada due to now having this local distributor. Bummer.

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