Inovelli Red/Black Series on/off or dimmer switch scene/action support LZW31 LZW30 LZW31-SN LZW30-SN

There are several for Inovelli this should cover all the options in one blueprint. Note things like config button scenes only work on the models that support that (per firmware logs). For black series dimmers you need a very specific version. This is laid out with fairly dynamic variables so adapting to other switches or the upcoming 2 in 1 should be pretty straightforward.

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Does anyone know how to adapt the blueprint to accept a list of switches to activate the exact same scene? That way, you don’t have to create duplicate automations for different switches. For example, you can open the garage door with say, 3 taps on the switch…but if you want 5 switches in your house to be able to do that, you need 5 duplicate automations each for a different device.

Add multiple: true in the device selector.

I have several LZW31 (Inovelli Black) dimmers. I’m trying to use this Blueprint to create triggers for simple up/down or Config button clicks.

I installed the Blueprint, I can create an automation and select my desired LZW31 devices as trigger device.

But the triggers never fire.

Some of my switches run Inovelli firmware 1.48, and some have the latest 1.57 firmware. Neither of the switches work with this blueprint.

I just removed and re-installed the Blueprint to make sure I have the latest version. But still no luck.

Any idea what I can do?

Hopefully this helps others… After spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to have multipress work at all, I found that it’s very straightforward, no blueprint needed.

Just create an automation, selecting the device, the trigger (scene 001 is button donw, 002 is button up, and 003 is the config button), and the value (dropdown list is easy to understand).