Inovelli Red dimmers showing as no Z-Wave Plus in Z-Wave JS

I just got my first Inovelli Red dimmers and after including them I see in the information that they are listed as not being connected with Z-Wave Plus, despite the product listing Z-Wave plus compatibility. I have a couple other Z-Wave devices that say “Version 1” where the Inovelli switches say “no”, so I know my USB Z-Wave dongle is connecting to at least something Z-Wave plus, though the USB dongle also shows a “no” there.

Did I do something wrong with the inclusion or is it normal for these dimmers to show as no Z-Wave Plus in Z-Wave JS?

I just double checked my second switch and it shows Z-Wave Plus as “Version 1”, but it also says security is “none”.

I’ve since installed several more Red dimmers and they all came in with both Z-Wave Plus and S2 authentication. I’m not sure why I was having so much trouble with the first couple switches, but maybe I’ll try excluding and including them again some time when I can redo their various automations.