Inovelli Z-Wave Red Series Notification LED

I’m just getting in to Home Assistant. How does something like this get implemented into HA. I’m running HassOS on a Virtualbox VM. Do I add the contents to the configuration.yaml file or include a reference it somehow?

Generally speaking what’s the best way to incorporate files from GitHub into HA?

Sorry for the NewB question.

Everybody has that question at some point. I certainly did at first. You can split up the configuration.yaml so that Hass adds *.yaml files in the /config/scripts subdirectory. I use Docker, so maybe the VM doesn’t use /config but it’ll be a subdirectory of wherever your configuration.yaml file is. The exact line in configuration.yaml looks like:

script: !include_dir_named scripts

Then you can either pull the file from git and link it into that directory, or copy it and paste it into a file called WhateverYouWant.yaml

I’m still holding on to hope that the Node-RED Inovelli Status Manager will get updated for ZwaveJS.

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I’ve forked the original to add more functionality, I can try to update soon to tailor it to Z-Wave JS


Great tip! I also learn if you want to keep your original scripts file intact, but still include scripts in a subfolder (e.g. “./scripts”) it would look like this:

# Origianl scripts file pointer
script: !include scripts.yaml

# Pointer for new folder
script split: !include_dir_merge_named ./scripts

this ensures nothing breaks, even if you haven’t ever used your scripts file, its good practice to keep it there incase you use a frontend tool that expects it.

That would be awesome I looking forward to this as well. I was able to install into node-red but no changes to lights. Can’t wait for zwavejs to be supported!

Right now the node runs fine and sends the correct Z-Wave JS commands, however the values aren’t updating within Z-Wave JS (at least for my add-on). I’m thinking it has something to do with this pull request from the Z-Wave JS Python dependency which allows values outside of the predefined states for the parameters. This has been merged and added to 2021.3.5, however I haven’t tested yet. Fingers crossed, I’ll update the code immediately if any changes are needed!

I think the Node Red module was for the old Z wave. I just send a service call back to Home Assistant and it works OK.

Service call node
Domain: zwave_js
Service: set_config_parameter
Entity_ID: light.upstairs for example

    "parameter": "13",
    "value": "Red"

Updated the gist for version 2021.4.x and up.


I added a Node Red option very similar to this script for anyone who prefers that:


I haven’t tested it, but the node as I’m seeing it in the UI is exactly what I’d hoped for. The only issue I see is that entity IDs are not auto-populating as they do in every other node.

EDIT: Just tested, and I can’t seem to get an LED to respond. LZW31-SN; set to Z-wave JS integration; color 0, brightness level 10, duration indefinitely, effect type fast blink; node shows “sent color: red” underneath when triggered… but no change in status LED.

I’m using the Zwave JS to MQTT integration. Could this be the reason it’s not working?

No this addon/container works fine.

Unfortunately this node is independent from the official Home Assistant websocket node, so at the moment I’m not sure of a way to auto populate the entity_id field. As for not seeing a change with your output, did you connect the output of this node to the input of a HA call-service node?

I did not! Should the call service mode just contain the entity ID of the switch or dimmer?

If you send an entity ID from the Inovelli node it will overwrite the entity ID in the call-service node, otherwise if you don’t provide one then it will use the entity ID in the call-service node

Ah, great. I removed the entity ID from the calc node and entered it into the call service node, and it works.

One thing unrelated to this method is that when I tap the physical switch, the notification goes away. I don’t know whether there’s a switch config parameter that I could set to allow the notification to persist.

These switches have both notification and normal LED colors. The notifications can be cleared after a set amount of time or after you press a button. Setting the LED color and brightness are permanent until you set it to something else.

I believe the script is for notifications only.

See parameters 13, 14, and 15 for LED settings.
Parameter 16 is for notifications only.

Anyone else having an issue with removing the effect? All other commands effects work.
I’m not able to run the script to perform an effect: “off”. It appears it is doing the math wrong and sending a Parameter 16 value of 0 whenever I set effect as “off”.

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My “off” works fine, on dimmers and switches. I haven’t tried the fan/light combo switch yet.

This was fixed with a firmware update. Knowledge Base Redirect – Inovelli