Input_Boolean as device_tracker/person?

I use Apples Homekit and a scenario to turn a virtual input_boolean to set if a person in my household is home or away (on/off) I would like to connect it to a person in Homeassistant but you can only use device_trackers to connect Persons. Is there any simple way that I can turn my booleans to Persons?
Templates? Virtual Device_tracker??

Thankful for help!

You can use an MQTT device tracker to cheat this, or even the device_tracker.see service.

I went with the first approach, as shown here, here, and here.

Thanks, tried a little with this yesterday, but never reached the goal… maybe I’m too much of a newbie.
I didnt see my device_tracker.userxx to be created. Do I have to setup a MQTT-broker first, then the MQTT device_tracker? If I dont use MQTT, how to use “device_tracker.see” service? I must have device_tracker.person1 and so on to be created?
Would be nive If you just could connect an input_boolean in HA, directly to person.user1 instead…

Thanks for your help at all :slight_smile:

Problem solved, with this thread Device tracker from script?
and device_tracker.see :slight_smile: