Input_boolean not saving state on restart

I use two input_boolean to trigger when my SO and I are going to go to sleep this way the house mode can go from home > someone asleep > night mode.

I use Appdaemon to trigger the input_select for the house mode which in turn triggers the respective YAML automation in HA.

I experimented with a restart to see if the documentation was write that on restart an input_boolean is suppose to maintain the last state if the initial flag is not set on the config file.

How can I fix this.


If you set a valid value for  `initial`  this integration will start with state set to that value. Otherwise, it will restore the state it had prior to Home Assistant stopping.

What does your input_boolean config look like?

I am going to just stay quiet now as apparently i did have the initial flag set… Geez i am very dumb, i copied it over from another set of sensors and forgot to remove that flag.