Input Booleans into HomeKit

So last night I created an input Boolean unit helper, a toggle kind and I got it into HomeKit with the HomeKit integration.

Tonight I tried creating another input helper which was a toggle again. After I restarted HA, and it didn’t come into HomeKit.

As far as I’m aware I done nothing different each time. On the HomeKit integration I’ve included input Boolean, input button and input select but it won’t come down to HomeKit.

Like I say I haven’t done anything different but tonight’s just won’t come down.

Is there something stupid I’m doing wrong or missing? HA newbie here

Did you ever find a solution, @michaelthompson1991?

I’m having the same problem currently.
In my configuration.yaml I don’t exclude any domains, I have no filter for domains at all.
I just created a helper of type Toggle which gets the input_boolean.<something> entity name.
I added that entity to my configuration file to all the other entities I expose to HomeKit, saved the file, checked the yaml for problems and pressed the HomeKit button to reload that part.
However, in my Home app in the HA bridge that new entity doesn’t appear … :frowning:

Any ideas?

Apologies! I’m not getting notifications from this website :thinking: normally get emails. I don’t believe I have the problem anymore but I’m not sure because it was a while ago, have you got things working?