Input button action for Android Auto favorites


I am trying to achieve a simple to present task: a button to push on the car’s AA screen that will open the garage door. The door opens via a URL command (Tasmota relay). I placed a button-card on the dashboard and it runs just fine via shell_command (curl).

The problem is that this button-card can not be selected as a “favorite” to be displayed on AA car screen, so I have to use the phone while driving. I can select as favorite a “input.button” (button helper) but this can not have a “tap_action” set to launch the curl command.

  1. I was thinking to define a input.button push action to trigger the button-card push so to achieve the task (call the URL). Is this possible?

  2. I can also put “scenes” as favorites on AA car screen but I don’t know how a scene can open/hit a URL (if that is possible).

  3. Any other idea or suggestion is welcome.

Thank you!

add it as a shell_command entity, then assign to a script or switch template and use that in Android Auto

I used a script as suggested, assigned to it the shell_command entity than add it to favorites and it worked. Thank you!

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