Input_datetime automatically change

I have inpu datetime I want to change it automatically every day according to specific date times.
Is that possible? Thanks for the help.

Yes. Use service input_datetime.set_datetime.

@m0wlheld thank you for your reply. Can one define these times from an excel file or text table?

Not out-of-the-box. What’s the overall goal you are trying to achieve?

I want to turn on the lights and the sound at changing times and dates every day and I have a file with these variables in it


No, I don’t think that you can read from a CSV file, however the following links may help:

  • Command Line Sensor using a custom script to read and parse the CSV
  • Workday Sensor to differ working days from weekend days
  • Time Pattern Trigger to trigger automations according to time pattern
  • Sun integration to get information about sunrise and sunset
  • Flux to control light temperature and brightness depending on the time of day / sun azimuth

Thx I will see it.