Input_datetime format

I use a couple of input_datetime helpers in my setup, but when I display the value on a lovelace page, it is displayed as m-d-y, but here in Belgium we use d-m-y. My question is how can I modify the format of date values centrally (and also time values)? I can set metric or imperial, also the currency and time zone, but nothing helps to change the date format.

Try to have a look at this one… loads of data so might be daunting but with the little info you supplied above, check this first…assuming you did set the date/time of your instance correctly…
It depends how the datetime is stored in the entity…maybe post a bit more details ?
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As I see it there is no control of the displayed date format on input_datetime itself but it will follow the language selected in your profile. Click on your username in the HA frontend to find that. I use “English (GB)” for dd/mm/yyyy format.

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