Input_datetime presentation in frontend

With input_datetime is there a way to specify the number of digits displayed in the frontend? For example when I set a time it uses a single digit for the minutes field when the value is 0-9. Is there a way to always use two digits for the minutes field and pad with a zero if required?

Not sure what you are saying here as it doesn’t jibe with my experience.
I display Input_time date’s all the time with leading zero’s and with no special formatting (they are no date values though, don’t know if that makes a difference?)


That is not what I see, I see something like the following:


I imagine this must be related to the localisation settings in my browser then…

It’s a Firefox thing. There is an issue open.

There you go, at least you weren’t imagining it :smiley:

@tom_l thanks for that, I’ll file it away in the dustbin of my mind :rofl: