Input_datetime what's going on?

So I’m playing with input_datetime and create a new include file for them and paste in the sample code given in the example.
I restart HA and notice that the default value for the item I created is wrong by 1 hour.

So I read up on UTC and local time and as - 1, I am in GMT 2. it is Winter - Then (currently) UTC = GMT so no offset should be involved. More importantly I entered 23:00 so should ‘see’ 23:00 but instead am seeing 12:00 AM (i.e. 00:00) (I would prefer to see 23:00 but I suppose I could live with 11:00 PM but I’m not even getting that)
Anyone have any ideas ?
Given this though, I would have thought there needs to be more options for input_datetime the obvious one being display: local / display: UTC display: XXX/XXX_DST (for display as XXX timezone with DST or not) Perhaps display is wrong as this would also be used for entry. Though the value should always be stored as UTC
If I’ve missed something obvious please shout and point out where I’m going wrong
I would also like to use input_datetime as a trigger (template) but that does not seem to be possible and you have to rely on doing a test every /1 (minute) then do further checks

There’s an open bug report on GitHub for the hour mismatch in the front end.

I have no idea about the trigger template as I’m waiting for the bug to be fixed before I actually use it.

Just been to github and searched, found your issue and it seems to be more that just the UK suffering this. I am now aware of the resource and will check/flag there in future.
Though I have been thinking about this since, given the fact that I read ‘someone’ (sorry forgot who) had put a lot of time in; making sure this component worked in UTC. - I’m not sure about that now.
If I set something to trigger at 13:00 (still not sure how they intend to use this without a proper trigger mechanism) surely i just want it to trigger at 13:00 local time regardless of whether it is DST or not ???
I personally don’t agree with DST but unless I can get the rest of the country to agree with me, I’ll have to stick with it.
If this were a financial transaction or military operation or even a corporate announcement type of thing, then I would understand the use for UTC - but we are talking about a single house here and I just can’t conceive why UTC would be necessary for our lights, heating,.sprinklers, blinds, etc.
Thanks and Regards

I am in total agreement with everything you said, especially the archaic use of daylight savings in general.

Yeah, somebody else mentioned that it wasn’t just UK, but when I put the bug report in it looked like it was just us Brits that were being flummoxed.

But alas I am not a python programmer (really should try to learn!) so I have no idea how to fix it.