Input_number as condition

Is it possible to use an input number as a condition.

For example (but this does not pass validation!):

  • id: Turn Heater on
    alias: Turn Heater on
    initial_state: True
    • platform: time
      at: ‘04:30:00’
    • condition: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.front_bedroom_temperature
      below: input_number.heater_temp_set
    • condition: time
      • mon
      • tue
      • wed
      • thu
      • fri
    • service: switch.turn_on
      • switch.central_heating

I think you’d need to use a template instead. Maybe try:
edit: Forgot the " | int", not sure if it’s really needed though.

condition: template
value_template: "{{(states.sensor.front_bedroom_temperature.state | int) <= (states.input_number.heater_temp_set.state | int)}}"
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Thanks, that worked a treat…

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