Input-number attributes

I am using input_number for a rather simple automation. My use case requires the input_number to have an increment of 0.1 and a unit_of_measure of °C.
The unit of measure must be °C, otherwise I can not show the input_number in the same graph with values taken from several things like thermometers and thermostats
In an earlier incarnation of HA I used to be able to define an increment and a unit_of_measure for the input_number.
Now I can not find that GUI control any more. I can set the values with the developer’s tools. BUT. As soon as an automation changes the value of the input_number, the increment will be reset to 1 and the unit_of_measure will be dropped from the input_number.
Now, if I could EITHER set the value of the input_number and leave the increment and the unit_of_measure alone OR set both attributes again in the automation where I set the values, I could use HA reasonably well for what I have in mind.

Click the gear icon.

Thank you. That’s exactly how I remember it. Mine shows this:

The hidden parts of that dialog don’t pertain to the missing attributes. Also, more and more of my little helpers start dropping the attributes I have set manually.
My system claims to be this version:
Home Assistant 2023.4.6 Supervisor 2023.04.1 Operating System 10.1 Frontend 20230411.1 - latest

I have found the reason why I could neither set nor see those attributes. In a former incarnation of my installation I had enabled the ‘advanced’ option. The stepping and unit options are only visible in that part of the GUI when it’s enabled. They are visible in the developer’s tools, though.

I can’t say I’m convinced that it’s a good idea to actually delete those attributes in one part of HA and handling them correctly in another part of the same installation when ‘advanced’ is off. It’s most confusing, especially for people who don’t think of themselves as advanced.

im trying to create an automation without sucess
any idea?