Input Numbers changed by Supervisor?

Hello, I have a set of input numbers that I use to control the range of my thermostat’s high and low temperatures while I’m sleeping. I normally have the high temperature set to 74. I noticed in the middle of the night it was set to 75. I changed it back to 74 and went to sleep. To my surprise when I woke up, it was set to 75 again.

I checked the Logbook and this is what I see:

[Sleep High Temperature] changed to 75.0 °F by Supervisor
5:57:50 AM - 4 hours ago

[Sleep High Temperature] changed to 74.0 °F by Mike
5:57:37 AM - 4 hours ago

Why is “Supervisor” changing my temperature?

Do you have any automations or Node-Red flows that control the thermostat?

I do have Node Red that makes some changes, would those show up as Supervisor changes? If so then I have some sort of bug in my flow :slight_smile:

Yes. Node-Red is an external system. In a perfect world its changes would be reported as being performed by Node-Red but, generally speaking, external systems are lumped under Supervisor.

You will need to double-check the Node-Red flow to determine the cause of the issue.

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Thanks @123

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