Input_select icon

I’m trying to remove the icon to the left of an input_select in an entity card.
Can this be done? It should be.
Is it a bug?

icon: ' '

I was bit unclear, I guess. I know I can set it to a blank icon. But it still occupies “a lot of” space to the left of the dropdown box. Space in lovelace is limited, and I want as much as possible to the text in the selection box.

You have to make a custom card for what you are trying to do. That space will always be reserved for an icon & name regardless if it exists or not.

That’s a pity. Many cards have a show_icon attribute, but that doesn’t have any effect here.

You mean 2 out of 24 cards, button card and glance card. All embellishing aside, I think this would be a good enhancement to all the entity_rows. Not sure how large of a change that would be but a Issue should be raised. Or at least a feature request.

Oook. I guess 2’s not that many. I didn’t check. But glad you think it’s a good idea!

Yeah its a very good Idea. I’ve wanted it myself.

Ran into this today before I saw this thread. Here are my entities, button and glance attempts. I could get by with the button if it didn’t ignore my line feeds, {{"\r\n"}} in my template. Works in the template test thingy. Tried <br> too. Any way to make that happen?


Use the custom button card, it has a ton of flexibility. Or place a series of cards inside a vertical stack card and use card mod to add & remove the appropriate boarders.

<br> works in custom:button-card. I am using it in another tab, but didn’t think to try it (derp).