Input_select value in "media_player_play_media" "entity_id"


i try to use in the entity for my “media_player_play_media” my inputselect value.

entity_id: >-

because I want to choose where he should play the file for me.

my input_select has the names of the media_player entity

    name: Wo soll es abgespielt werden
      - media_player.firetv_kueche
      - media_player.plex_shield
      - media_player.plex_plex_for_android_tv_aftmm_2
    initial: media_player.plex_shield
    icon: mdi:panda

when i now check if he changes the value of input_select everything is fine, for example actually you see here media_player.firetv_kueche .

here is my code for the media_player_play_media

                        action: call-service
                        service: media_player.play_media
                          entity_id: >-
                          media_content_type: movie
                          media_content_id: >-
                            [[[ return '{ "library_name":' + ' "Filme",' + '
                            "title": ' +  ' "' +
                  [variables.i].title + '" ' +  
                            '}';  ]]]    

now i make a button under the input_select where i can press PLAY (Abspielen)

but he makes nothing, i get no error, but he dont play anything, when i only enter the direct entity name of the player “media_player.firetv_kueche” it works well, but then i cant choose the source player.

or need i a automation for it?


Of the core Lovelace cards, only the markdown card accepts templates.

If you want tu use templates in other core Lovelace cards you have to use this:

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i tried it with the custom:button-card , but no luck, there are templates supported or

That was impossible to tell as you did not show the card type. And you are using a jinja template when the custom button card only supports JavaScript, like you did for your media_content_id

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yeah with the cutom:button-card i tried to use this code:

                          [[[ return  entity.select_rooms; ]]]

with this i get the name, but i need the state, but i dont know how to get the state

i tried

                          [[[ return states['entity.select_rooms'].state ]]]```

but no luck

What about:

[[[ return states['input_number.select_rooms'].state ]]]

almost, this did it :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you


okay, one problem is still there, i had the input_select and the play button in one popup, when i now change the room (device) in input_select, the value is saved and dont refresh after change the room.

i must close and reopen the popup and then it works.

i tried it with triggers_update: all or triggers_update with the entitie of the input_select

 - input_select.select_rooms

but it dont works, gives a way to refresh it ?

here the complete card:

 - type: custom:button-card
                      triggers_update: all
                      entity: input_select.select_rooms
                      show_name: true
                      show_icon: false
                      show_state: false
                        action: call-service
                        service: media_player.play_media
                          entity_id: >-
                            [[[ return 'media_player.' + 
                            states['input_select.select_rooms'].state ]]]
                          media_content_type: movie
                          media_content_id: >-
                            [[[ return '{ "library_name":' + ' "Filme",' + '
                            "title": ' +  ' "' +
                  [variables.i].title + '" ' +  
                            '}';  ]]]    
                      style: |
                        ha-card {
                                height: 50px!important;
                                text-align: left;
                                font-weight: light !important;
                      icon: mdi:home-search
                      name: Abspielen

and the input_select card

- type: entities
                        - entity: input_select.select_rooms
                          icon: mdi:play-network

i try the way over variables:

                var_input_select: >-
                      return 'media_player.' +  states['input_select.select_rooms'].state

hmmm it i get the value from the variable but it doesnt refresh on change of the input_select, same problem as above

                  [[[ return [variables.var_input_select] ]]]

i tried it with the config-template-card, but no luck, the same problem he doesnt refresh the card after i changed the input_select…


type: custom:config-template-card
  - states['input_select.test'].state
  - ${vars[0]}
  type: button
  entity: ${vars[0]}
  name: ${[vars[0]].state}

can no one help?
with this problem its impossible to use a inout_select card for a player choose


i tried now different cards, in my home page, i added two cards, one entity and one button, in the button i define the input_select.set_options in a tap_action, when i click, the entity card on the same home page, the entity card changes. it WORKS.


BUT when i put the same code in the browser_mod popup, it dont works. he doesnt change the entity, its the same code, i think its a browser:mod bug.