Input selects in automation allow a dropdown of options

As per the title, when using automation to set an input select, it requires to know the precise option value.

If a dropdown list could be added, it would avoid making a spelling error etc.

Many thanks

I think the list of select items shows up in the from and to fields in the UI editor for the trigger (When).
In the conditions (And If) it in the state section.

Are you writing your automation in the UI or in yaml?

The UI has dropdown lists:

Unfortunately the options are not the same as the ones you would have to use editing in yaml. In this case (a motion sensor) “Detected” is “on” in yaml and “Clear” is “off”.

platform: state
  - binary_sensor.yard_motion_sensor_motion
to: "on"

I imagine he is referring to the service, which does not have a dropdown:

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If there are only values accepted, that already have to be present in the input_select, I’d rather argue this is a bug, and shouldn’t be a feature request.

I doesn’t make sense to have a textfield here, instead of a drop down.

I’d start an issue on Github against “core”. :+1:

Yes the issue is as shown in karwosts post.