Input_text add map values

I’m attempting to do some planning for a config I would like to create. Still pretty new to HA but I understand coding.

I see the input_text is basically a storage mechanism. It states it can accept map values.

Looking through the docs and posts I have not seen how to create these maps.

Can it be name value pairs like:

If so do you use templates to loop over the collection to retrieve values?
Can you update a single item in the collection?

Where did you see it can store map values? Text is text so I suppose you could save longitude or latitude but anything more complex I’m not sure how it would do that. I guess you could save it all as a rext string and parse it out later but I don’t know of any higher level organization to the input_text other than passwords.

Not map like google maps, like map values.

So is that collection of items or how does that work? Single items only? I want to store multiple text items in one input_text if possible.




Alias for the input. Multiple entries are allowed.

The input_text creates a single string, you can determine the length. That’s about it. :grinning: Oh the map is referring to the fact the the item created must be identified as an input_text. It’s not a map function or anything else.

No it states it can accept a map of values (notice there are no ‘-’),

Screenshot_2020-05-13 Input Text

This is a list:

Screenshot_2020-05-13 Sonos

The object stored inside an input text will always be a string.