Input_text to accept Hebrew special diacritics charecters

input_text will not accept Hebrew diacritics which are used to assist pronouncing words correctly. I use it also with TTS where it is very important since Hebrew has no voles as integral part of the word.

for example:
input text will except:
בננות! בוקר טוב. השעה 7 ועשרה... התכוננו לצאת להסעה! נעליים, קוקו, אוכל ומים בתיק.
but will not accept:
בָּנָנוֹת! בֹּקֶר טוֹב. הַשָּׁעָה 7 וַעֲשָׂרָה... הִתְכּוֹנְנוּ לָצֵאת לְהַסָּעָה! נַעֲלַיִים, קוּקוּ, אֹכֶל וּמַיִם בַּתִּיק.


I’m sorry - problem solved, apparently, the input text was limited to 100 characters but the sentence was longer and I copied pasted it :see_no_evil:

so, by setting the max limit to 255 it was solved

Is there another way to input text longer than 255 characters in HA env?