Insert historical data into Postgres DB

Hello, everyone,
I use two Youless LS 120 sensors to import my energy data into HomeAssistant.
That works pretty well so far.
I found out that the sensor itself saved the data from the last year and would like to import it into my Postgres DB.
The data are available as cumulative daily values ​​(the entire last year). The sensor also saves the cumulative hourly values ​​for the last six months, which I would like to import.

What is the best way to proceed here?



right now, I don’t think that there’s a way to import old data into the database.
I’ve also interested in this because I would like to insert statistics for my solar production from the past into the system - but haven’t figured out how to do it the best way…

There is a feature Request open for this…

nice - already upvoted your Feature Request


Upvoted, I’d like to see it, too.