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Hi everyone, I recently installed Home Assistant, at the moment I’m trying to do the customization with Windows, trying to install Samba it can’t open Windows Explorer but it opens the H page, how do I do it? I’m trying to install hacs but without success the community store page comes up, how do I solve it? A thousand thanks

Please be more specific

If the community store page comes up, HACS is installed.

yes exactly, I can’t open the page because the ha site opens directly, what do I do? ok installed it’s fine but seeing the videos I should have something else instead of that

  • for HACS, you probably enabled experimental features
  • for samba, try to map a network drive

There isn’t that feature on Windows 11, how do I find it? There is connect network drive but it doesn’t work

I’ll have to startup a Windows 11 VM

Hi Pietro, welcome to the forum!

What do you mean by?

If Samba is installed on HA and configured, you should be able to see that share.
What if you do ‘Windows button + R’ and type \\‘your HA IP’

it is still there


And use the user and password you configured in the Samba add-on

it says impossible to log in, sorry you’re right, I’m Italian and I’m using the translator, how do I solve it

See above.

If you see the share, you have to provide the right credentials (user + password from Samba) with ‘connect using different credentials’ as Francis shows in his snapshot.

ah great, it worked now, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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