Install custom components

Where must i put the custom components.


Depends on what this custom component is capable of.

  • Sometimes you can install it via HACS → Integrations → 3 dots → Custom repositories → put that GitHub link under ‘repository’
  • Or in other instances you have to apply a folder under confit/custom_components and put the downloaded files in there

Which custom component do you want to install? Usually there’re instrucion in the repository that will guide you.

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The garbage calendar

Although you seem not as a man of many words a link or 2-3 words more would probably help to help you.

Welcome to the forum btw.

Do you mean Garbage Collection? Instructions are in the GitHub repository. Or do you mean Waste Collection Schedule? Instruction are in there, too.

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Yes Github where you get it from or HACS… will have instructions. Take from a guy that has had to learn the VERY hardway… please read every line of the instructions. I struggled with something for a week… NOW had I read ‘panel view’… like I totally skipped that part… things would have gone smoothly because the minute I did what I was supposed to do… VIOLA… it worked exactly as it should have. I have a VERY annoying habit of not reading things…

If I try something and it’s not working I go back and read it again… if I’m sure I’ve read everything and still have a problem then I ask. Not saying you shouldn’t ask as I’m sure you’re smarter then I am :slight_smile: I’ve had my HA running a couple years now… Thanks to a good friend who has held my hand all this time. It’s just been recently that I’m trying things on my own to learn this better. He’s still there but unless I get really stuck he just watches from the background.

Reading and learning is the best thing to do! And Welcome!



i try and read and try but i cant come any further

Tried to install the garbage-collection.

first I tried it with the garbage-collection folder in Config/custom_components,
then home assistant restarted,
then looked at me addons and at my integrations but there it is not visible.

then tried to add it via respositories there I filled in GitHub - amaximus/garbage-collection-card: Custom Lovelace card for Garbage Collection custom component but then I got this message

Invalid Add-on repository!

Sorry for the bad english

Did you followed the instructions for that on the Github page ?

Do “Notice” this is a Garbage-Collection-Card , that you can use for the Garbage-Collection Integration

PS: So first you follow the instructions for Garbage-Collection … Then you can Follow the instructions for Garbage-Collection-Card

i follow the instuctions for the garbage-collection but i cant fint it?

go to /Settings/Devices-Integrations … if it’s not there(after restart) try to ADD Integration( and search for it ) there.
( PS: i actually don’t remember these steps, as i installed HACS after 1 or 2 Custom Components, much easier there to either search in HACS repository, or just Add the URL, to external/custom github “repository” ) … but even when downloading through HACS, you have to ADD, the integrations, as above.

PS: And followed the “manual” instructions in regards to “Configuration.yaml” for the specific integration, if not “downloaded” via HACS, as this “part” is usually done by HACS