Install custom module?

Can someone please explain how I can install this module in node-red?


Have you tried the palette manager?

The contrib module you want is listed, and although I am not going to test this, clicking on ‘install’ has always worked for me.

No, I dont think the module for the INA3221 is listed,

It only support the INA219, INA260 and 226 from what I can see unless im missing something.

This doesn’t show on my list either nor does it appear on npm. I believe that is the only repo that NR uses. If it’s not there it can’t be installed automatically. You may be able to copy it into node_modules folder but I’m not sure it works that way.

`node-red-contrib-easybotics - npm search

Alas too true, I did not check the full name correctly.

Looking more closely at the Github repository, I cannot see any of the necessary elements required to make this a real node. Also the two issues raised (and apparently not addressed) suggest that this is nothing more than a bit of JS code and is lacking any useful documentation.

If it is a real JS module it should be possible to load and use from a function node. The function node setup (properties) tab now allows modules to be loaded automatically to the node/module directory and then methods can be used by reference.

If this bit of code does not load itself, then perhaps manually add the code js file to the NR module directory, and then try adding the module and calling the exposed methods within a function node.

After that I can only assume that the original author expects this code to be copy-pasted into other code where it can be used directly.