Install Custom-UI

Hi All,

I’ve installed Custom-UI with the installer from GitHub, all the files are in place. But when I enable the config section in my configuration.yaml and ctrl-refresh my page… All is gone?!? Instead of a login screen I get only a blue bar on top.

- /local/custom_ui/state-card-custom-ui.html # when enabled, noting in configuration pop-up
- /config/www/custom_ui/state-card-custom-ui.html # when enabled, blue bar appears

PS: I’m using docker, /config is mapped to ~/.home-assistant

Did I miss a step perhaps??


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Try clearing the browser cache.

I’ve tried that yesterday, did not restart Firefox. But sadly that didn’t work either.

Is there a log file which I can use to track the loading of custom-ui?

I’m a couple steps further. I’ve added the code below and Custom-Ui is loaded properly:

  custom_ui: local

    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-custom-ui.html
    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-value_only.html
    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-custom-ui-es5.html
    - /local/custom_ui/state-card-value_only.html

The only thing I don’t understand is why the Custum-UI Panel is not showing up in the FrondEnd…


I don’t think so, you can make your logger display more information. I complained about not having a debug for the JS, CSS, and HTML and all I got back was a snide comment about reading documentation by some other user. I don’t think there is a good way to debug any of these custom UI components. If you find one let me know!