Install Eufy Security

Having a nightmare. Switched all my security devices to Eufy for monitoring zone feature and discovered they have next to no automation/integration (compared to my now retired Xiaomi 360 fleet). DYOR right?

Tried to install GitHub - fuatakgun/eufy_security: Home Assistant integration to manage Eufy Security devices as cameras, home base stations, doorbells, motion and contact sensors. on my Docker Home Assistant. But it requires addons (dependency for hassio-eufy-security-ws).

I ran the bluenviron/mediamtx (other dependency) docker image and it seems to be running OK.

Installed the main repo in HACS, but I can’t set up the integration as it is making me configure the url of the server.

I don’t even want to stream video. I just want motion alerts to trigger a Google routine. It shouldn’t be this hard. Edit: OK it wants the URL/port of the mobile app simulator dependency.

On second read of the readme it says you can host your own docker hassio-eufy-security-ws and instructions are “at the bottom” but I can’t find it in either repo. Secondly… as I don’t need streaming video, adding fails with “incorrect port” when configuring the integration.

Ok found it…

I can’t get NVM / Node working on Raspbian. Spent a day on this. I give up.

You need to have add-on as integration communicates with it.

You don’t need anything else if you don’t have interest in streaming.

Documentation is for general popular using supervised or home assistant OS installation.

Users of core should take care of docker setup their selves

Looks like I am up and running now with docker compose for the ws container. Thank you

I am very happy! Now just to link it to a Google Routine :slight_smile:

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Finished off the other half tonight. No Google Routine, No phone, No Tasker.

Home Assistant is the best. Has an Orbit BHyve sprinkler integration. All tested and working with human detection. Docker WS set to run on boot.

Eufy pet detection/activity zone pet detects my dog (not bushes blowing in the wind), and turns on the sprinkler when she goes to take a dump on my back patio. At least that’s the plan… Will share the video when I have it. :joy:

She’s been a slow learner, but haaaaates water.

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@anon63427907 - Thinking about my setup… should the WS container be running as a container inside my Home Assistant container (DinD)? I’m not really sure how the WS container can see my cameras currently. They are on an IoT VLAN, and Home Assistant Container, and WS container are on my main LAN. Presumably that means it’s using Eufy cloud?

I’m considering moving my Home Assistant container over to my IoT VLAN. Though there seems to be differing ideas as to what’s an optimal setup.

Container is acting as a mobile app and communicating with cloud first to setup the initial connection with devices.

I am not expert on vlan setup so you should try and see.