Install failed- no /etc/docker?

I am installing Debian 10 and Home Assistant according to the instructions in


sudo -i
apt-get install -y software-properties-common apparmor-utils apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl dbus jq network-manager
systemctl disable ModemManager
systemctl stop ModemManager
curl -fsSL | sh
curl -sL "" | bash -s

The installer script ends in an error:

[email protected]:~# curl -sL "" | bash -s
[info] This script is taken from the official
[info] Home Assistant Supervised script available at
[info] Creating default docker daemon configuration /etc/docker/daemon.json
bash: line 74: /etc/docker/daemon.json: No such file or directory

There is no Docker folder. So what did I miss?

OK, nowhere in the installation steps wat installing Docker mentioned.

sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
sudo service docker start
docker run hello-world

Then I ran
curl -sL "" | bash -s

No errors, now Home Assistant is running without the “Unsupported Installation” message.

Sure is, right here. :wink: You even quoted it.

The install was on a virgin system. After the first fail, I formatted the SSD and followed the outlined steps again. And, again, Docker was not installed.