Install fails, I think

Been trying to install HAOS for many hours and can’t seem to get it to work. I’m using a rpi 4, used etcher and followed the steps from the HA website. It looks like it installs and shows a command prompt but when I try to access it from either the app or webpage I get the page that says it could take 20 mins. I have left it for hours and it just stalls there. Many reboots and older versions later and I am still getting the same thing . Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Have you gone to a different computer, opened a browser and typed “homeassistant.local:8123” ?

This should bring up the GUI.

Try typing this at the ha > command prompt:


Then press ENTER.

Yes and I get the 2nd pic and it doesn’t go any farther. HA was working on the exact same hardware, all this is, is a reinstall. Did a lot of playing around with the first copy and just wanted a fresh version.

I would if I had a keyboard. The pervious install was all headless so I never bothered getting one for the rpi. Might have to.

No USB keyboard at all?

Have one now and am going to try it