Install HA on existing Raspberry Pi 3b+ Raspian Buster


I have a running Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Raspbian Buster.
Installed are Domoticz and Zigbee2mqtt.
If I want to switch from Domoticz to Home Automation, is it possible to install this without using the Image according to the Installation page?



you will find 4 different ways of installing HA:

Only one of the mentioned installation methods (OS) is using an image.

But if you look closely comparing the methods the “full blown beauty” :sunflower: is the one with ships with OS (as an image). It will allow you hassle free upgrades of all layers and also includes the supervisor and the very valuable add-ons. :rocket:

Not sure what you mean, but I switched from Domoticz to Home assistant. Both are completely different. I started from scratch, having them both live together :slight_smile: (on a separate machine Pi)
I think I even read somewhere of an integration (not sure)
FAFAIK, if you are using the image, it will wipe the disk.

Okay, so you advise using the image, wich also means I have to fresh install zigbee2mqtt and update it with my current config files?

No I would de-install Domoticz and install HA, and keep my current zigbee2mqtt

I have too less experience with MQTT in general (just start using it). Zigbee? using philips Hue? if thats the case, HA has great integration with Hue and MQTT.

Several Zigbee devices Philips, IKEA, TUYA, EcoDim, etc…which works quite well with zigbee2mqtt

Depends on the install method that you choose to keep or reinstall zigbee2mqtt.
The easiest one would be supervised, you should have to reinstall z2mqtt and copy paste your config, not difficult to do.

The easiest wouldn’t be Supervised, the easiest would be HAOS but it’d be re-purposing the whole Pi.

To use the Pi as is with Supervised would ensure a system that’s not in compliance with the requirements and it’d be Unhealthy and Unsupported right away.

To use the Pi as is and install Home Assistant then Container (native Docker) would be the only sensible approach.

Indeed, since the Pi is already running Zigbee2MQTT it may be possible to run HA alongside Domiticz (RAM is likely to be a challenge).