Install HA on Pi - Sync Database


running successfully HA in Container on Debian with OMV (NAS) on AMD64-Machine.
Regarding the rising price for energy (in Germany) I would like to move the setup to a pi, so that my NAS can be turned off at night (all other services are not important to me at night). But for Monitoring/Analysis purposes I need all recorded data by HA. I installed InfluxDB with Grafana on my NAS to collect all data.
My question is:
When the Pi with HA runs 24/7 and the NAS with InfluxDB is only available at daylight, how can I setup everything, so that all HA-Data is available in InfluxDB on my NAS? Installing InfluxDB on Pi is not planned because it is to slow.

I am also open to a HA Install to Cloud (The price/h is cheaper than the energy costs!!!).

Any Hints appreciated.

Best :smiley:

Does Influx have to stay on the NAS?

Whether you stick with the docker approach or go supervisor, you can run Influx on the Pi. Only thing I’d say that caught me out is to make sure you install a 64bit version of influx otherwise it reaches breaking point (known bug on the 32bit arm version of influx their didn’t seem much interest in fixing last I saw).

Thank you, eightiescalling.
I did not test the performance of InfluxDB on Pi, but I had perfomance problems with mariadb on Pi and so I think InfluxDB on Pi would be also too slow for Analysis. That is the main reason for having InfluxDB on the bigger machine.

I found this: GitHub - toni-moreno/syncflux: SyncFlux is an Open Source InfluxDB Data synchronization and replication tool for migration purposes or HA clusters
So, the data can be replicated every morning (when the NAS starts up) from Pi-Influx to NAS-Influx.
I will try this setup in the next days :smiley: