Install HA on Samsung Chrombox Series 3 , need help

I m trying to install Ubuntu and then HA on this box and I am trying to follow some guides but it am stuck.
According to one guide I have to enable the developer mode by inserting a jumper into the connecter shown in one of the pictures below.
I press the reset button on teh back of the device and then the power button.
I get the screen shown in the other picture.
The guide then says to press Ctrl-D and the reset button again.
I am doing that but nothing happens.

If I insert my ubuntu USB drive it says The device you inserted does not contain Chrome OS. Try another? But no option to try anything else.
What am I doing wrong?

Is it even possible to install an os Other than Chrome OS on that box?i doubt it?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Just as Nathan says: I doubt you can install any other OS on that box so you might search on the net for this first.
On top of that: I don’t think Ubuntu is a supported OS for HA, Debian is though.

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This is a similar box, been reading plenty of posts that it is not only possible but that it works very well once you get it setup:

Is you stick flashed correctly, can you try it on another device to exclude it’s not boot-able.
If it works, it’s a matter of finding out on how to install something else on your box.

Problem is, I can’t this box into dev mode. Was hoping someone here had done it before