Install HAOS as virtual machine in Truenas Scale

Good evening,

I have built a PC with Truenas Scale as my main OS. I would like to run Home assistant OS as a virtual machine and have started it successfully but after countless attempts cannot figure out the ip address/port to access home assistant webgui. I have read about creating a bridge but do not believe I have done that correctly. Is there an easier way to get the OS up and running as a virtual machine? I have deployed HA via the Truenas app but hear it is going to be a nightmare integrating mosquitto and zigbee so want a solution with an OS install method. Appreciate the help

Your virtual machine should get its own IP address. From TrueNAS, if you click the Display button for your VM it should open a window where you can see what IP address got assigned. The port should be the default, 8123

Thanks for the response Troy. When I run display I get a spice version and it shows shell and press any key to exit before running startup.nas. I exit that and it brings me to the bios of my virtual machine which appears to give me no real options to reload the image that I initially loaded. There was no option to use vnc instead of spice and I am wondering if I didn’t load the image to the virtual machine correctly.

This usually happens when using the wrong path while writing the HAOS image to your ZVOL. In the example below, my ZPOOL is named tank, and my ZVOL is inside a vm dataset and named haos - See picture for reference.

The trick is using the /dev/zvol path - not the typical /mnt path.

So when writing the image to ZVOL, I would use /dev/zvol/tank/vm/haos

For clarity, here are the steps to download, extract, and write the image to my ZVOL. Again, notice the path in step three - /dev/zvol/tank/vm/haos

unxz haos_ova-11.2.qcow2.xz
qemu-img convert -O raw haos_ova-11.2.qcow2 /dev/zvol/tank/vm/haos


That is correct. ix-systems removed VNC from the latest version of TrueNAS