Install on Raspberry Pi4 on SSD

Hi guys,

as I’m worried about the SD-card crash issue, I just bought a P4 (2GB), a USB SATA controller (for Raspberry) and a SSD.

Unforuntately it’s not working out of the box.
I flashed on the SSD and plugged the sata controller via micro usb to the USB port of the raspberry.

After plugging in the power adapter nothing happens.
I don’t own a micro HDMI cable so I can’t see what’s the problem.

Do I need to configure anything to boot up directly from the SSD?


USB boot is not currently available for the raspberry pi 4 (see Raspberry website).

Regarding, if you tried HassOS, note that USB boot is not currently available (may be in beta in a few days or weeks)

Sorry but you have to wait

Damn, then I should have bought a 3+ ?

Ok then I will run my old Pi 3 until they will enable USB boot for the PI 4

Thanks for the info/reply @makai

Here you can see if the USB-boot is available. At the time of me writing this message it isn’t.

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I saw that a beta version of the pi4 ssd boot thing is available. I was trying to follow this guide as I understand hassio is very limited in what functionality that is available, so I guess that this method doesn’t work.

Nice find, I think I may wait until it’s out of beta before going for this on my Raspbian based setup :slight_smile:

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I found a link to a fairly simple proceedure to set it up to first boot from the SD card and then switch to the SSD drive.

Hi Fred
What image did you flash/move to the SSD?
Andreas Spiess has several videos on youtube about different methods of moving installations from a SD to a SSD, but the standard image I used to flash does not use buster, so I can’t make them work.
Also I have a very limited knowledge about linux so I like to find a installation method which is stable and very close to the SD install for stability.

I used the latest pi image and followed the instructions on here to get HASSIO installed on it.

Point me to image you use and I will see if I can figure it out…

Sound good! :slight_smile:
I like to install the standard one from for the Pi4.
it doesn’t matter if its 32 or 64 bit.