Install HassOS on XenServer

I need to install HassOS on a local server, in a virtual machine running on XenServer. I downloaded the KVM image (qcow2), but I don’t know how to proceed from there…

The parameters are:
Disk: 32GB
Bridge: xenbr1 (Internal DMZ for testing)
Hostname: hass-os.
Swap: 2GB
Max RAM: 8GB
VCPUs: 2

The steps I need to take:

  1. Create the cfg file, which will be saved in the directory /etc/xen/config.d, with the name hass-os..cfg.

  2. Create the disks in LVM, volgroup2.

  3. Copy the image using dd:
    dd if=/hass.qcow2 of=/??

This is a summary of the steps. Can someone recommend a tutorial or even put together one so that I can install HassOS on XenServer?

XenServer version: 4.14.5 running on Debian 11."

Thanks in advance for your help