Install help

Hi All first post here… and a grade 1 noob !!!
I am trying to install the on a Pi4 (4mb) I’m not great at linux or commandline however I have got as far as installing on the sd card. booting up the pi, and arriving at the home page (ip_add:8123) i have successfully added the SSH addon and can log on to the hassio server, but my issue is when i am installing the configurator, what I am seeing on adding my username and password bears no resemblance to what Im expecting to see.

  "dirsfirst": false,
  "enforce_basepath": false,
  "ignore_pattern": [

is all I can see, I’m guessing I have made some kind of stupid error, missed a step or input of some kind. i have scoured the web and read-me’s but cannot find any help that resembles what I’m seeing on screen, if some kind soul could kick / push / shove me in some kind of correct direction I would be very happy , TIA
Best regards
(apologies for the ‘back tick’ error using a mac keyboard on windows pc )

The latest configurator doesn’t need any settings changed as far as I know. It should just work with your HA login.