Install Home Assistant in Virtualbox, with USB Passthrough and AutoStart

I decided to convert an old Mac Mini into a server and wanted to get home assistant up and running. I thought I would document the process in the hope it helps others in the community.

I’ve posted the full write up on how to install Home Assistant in Virtualbox here. Each step of the process is documented so that even those who are not super tech-savvy can follow along.

Hopefully, people will find it helpful.


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Well written and very thorough with great screen shots. I already run VB on a dedicated Win 10 PC, but this really has me reconsidering a move to Debian as the host to squeeze more power out of it. Thanks.

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The only thing l’d add would be a note about the importance of (and how to) assign the VM a static IP address.

or use a dhcp reservation….

Thanks for the suggestion @tom_l, that’s a good point you have raised and something I’d overlooked. I will get it updated (time permitting) in the coming days.

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Also clearly point out the real network interface should be bridged, and NOT the VirtualBox-Host-only (a mistake often made as many people don’t understand how it works)

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Dumb user here. I’m having some issues with my NUT ups addon failing with usb permissions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have a usb filter defined by the manufacturer id only. I have the virtualbox extension installed. How do I go about executing the sudo adduser $USER vboxusers command from ssh? I have the terminal addon installed in HA. I think I’m missing a step, I keep getting sudo command not found error.

Install NUTserver on the host, and use NUT client to use it on HA?