Install home assistant on a asus ultrabook ( ux32vd )

Please pardon my poor english.
I am trying to install HA os on an old asus ultrabook. I have followed many instrutions, but I am never able to start up after installing the iso haos_generic-x86-64-9.4.img to the laptops disk.
the methode I have used:

  1. starting linux mint/ubuntu from a usb stick and flashing the HA-image to the internal ssd-disk (using balena etcher)
  2. physicaly removing the ssd from the laptop and flashing it using a usb-adapter on my main desktop computer.

the Flashing seems to work ok. No errors. But when I try to boot up; nothing.

However. When I do the same prosedure with linux os (ubuntu and mint). The system boots up no problem.

the guide on HA-website wants me to disable secure boot in BIOS. But there is no such option! I have also updated the BIOS.
Can someone please help me! :slight_smile:

a boot sequence would always state something on the command line, having only black screen would be very rare.
You could try loading an older OS image (8.x or even 7.6) to see if that works better with this hardware.

Based on the install notes - if your hardware can’t meet the two required criteria then it probably won’t work.

To boot Home Assistant OS, the BIOS needs to have UEFI boot mode enabled and Secure Boot disabled.

Does your hardware support UEFI boot mode?