Install Home Assistant Operating System natively on PC

I am sure this question must have come up before but I can’t find an answer.
I have an old PC with an Intel Core-i3 and I want to run an instance of Home Assistant on it. Is there any way to install the Home Assistant Operating System (HassOS) natively on the PC or must I run it in a VM under another OS (e.g… Ubuntu)

Hi @hbradlow, I’m not 100% sure but I think you cannot do that.
Have you seen this: Installation - Home Assistant

There are some images available for Intel NUC’s (which is x86 compatible HW) but not as a general install.
You could indeed install some Linux version and run HA in some virtual environment.

Burn the NUC Image to your HDD/SSD (using an external drive enclosure).

Put the SSD/HDD in the PC and boot it.

Cross your fingers and hope it supports your network card.

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Or try the 6.0 beta version. It has a more generic x86-am64 version than the NUC version of 5.X. Still have to burn it directly to your HDD/SSD as Tom said.


Thanks again

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