Install Home Assistant without Internet

Is there a way to install Home Assistant to a Raspberry Pi without an internet connection (but still a local LAN, just no outside access)?

I’ve tried downloading an image and flashing an SD card, and loading it into my Raspberry Pi, but the installation fails. I get a server error because it seems that the installation attempts to connect to online resources that are required to complete the install.

I’m working on a new construction house without internet connection. I was hoping to throw a $20 wireless router and raspberry pi on the site so that I could log things like door access and building temperature.

I’ve tried hooking the router downstream of my apartment router (with internet), but the install seems to not be able to successfully navigate the DNS/IP weirdness of that configuration.

I may try setting the Pi up on my local apartment LAN with internet, and then figuring out how to reconfigure it for a different network later (the no internet, house router offsite).



The install process for HAOS requires a connection for it to download various Docker images.

Once that completes and HA itself starts it requires a connection to download various Python packages for the integrations.