Install latest Home Assistant on SSD with Raspberry Pi 4 (2021)

Hey guys.

Following on with my Home Assistant basics videos I have put together a short video showing you how to install Home Assistant on A Raspberry Pi 4 with an SSD. This is a quick video skimming through the process but I will be putting out a longer video that covers some of the points in more detail.

In this video I am using a Pi 4 (8GB) and the latest 64bit Home Assistant image.

If your stuck or unsure of any of the steps then stay tuned for the longer video :slight_smile:

The Quick version can be found here :

In Depth Version now available!
The more in depth version can be found here :


Based on your accent I’m thinking you’re not a million miles away from me, nice to see a ‘local’ lad on the box.

One thing though. Any chance of the little screen of you not keep reversing itself? It’s surprisingly distracting.

Anyway, keep up the good work :+1:

Thanks for the feedback!
Do you mean just having the camera darting around all over or it mirroring?

I will be sure to take note and improve this in future videos :slight_smile:

Like it’s a mirror image of itself half the time. So sometimes your mic is on your right and your dinner table is off behind you to your left, but other times your mic is to your left and the table is to your right.

Doesn’t really matter which way round is a ‘correct’ representation of your house like, just that it doesn’t change throughout the video really :+1:

I gotcha :slight_smile: I will insure theres consistency throughout in the next video :slight_smile:

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Thanks - don’t get too hung up on it, I enjoyed the video and thought it was good - nice pace, clear presentation, easy to follow, nice blend of humour etc.

My ‘criticism’ is just because I found that to be the only thing that wasn’t ‘great’, rather than something I thought was ‘bad’ - but it is distracting when your brain goes “hang on a minute, his dinner table just moved” so I thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing what other content you produce :+1:

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Totally agree with you :smiley:
Thank you for your support!

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