Install "miIO Device Library" on Hass.IO

I am trying to use my Xiaomi Miio Sensors in Red-Note, specifically the Cube. I am trying to get node-red-contrib-xiaomi-miio running on the Node-Red on my Apparently I need to install the “miIO Device Library” before. Could somebody explain me how to do this?
In the documentation it says I should use the “npm install miio” command, but I have no idea where to apply it…

thanks a lot!


Have you found a solution to this? I’ve got my mihome hub and cubes are showing up in home assistant but I haven’t figured out how to install the miiO device libary.

Thank you and good luck.

Unfortunately, no.
For the time being I did not further pursue this. So I can only use the cube with the automations I coded manually in the automations.yaml of For Node-RED I am not able to get the specific movement signal of the cubes.

It is frustrating because apparently other people are using it since their is are the specific components available. I am not sure however if these people use or a different kind off hass. What are you using?