Install NUC image in laptop? Better performance than HA supervised?

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Hello, so far I have HA supervised, in a i5 laptop (8gb RAM), using lubuntu 20.04 and docker.
I only use that laptop for Home Assistant, nothing else.
I’m about to buy a new SSD.

So, I would like to ask 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to install the NUC image in a laptop? Do I need to do something different than just flash the image on the new SSD? (I have an external USB adapter for HD).

  2. As far as I understand I won’t be able to use anything else than Home Assistant, I mean, no Lubuntu or anything else (as I said I don’t really care)… Will the performance be better if I use the image instead Linux + Docker + Home assistant? Right now I feel HA a bit slow, specially on live cameras.

Thanks for your help!

  1. Maybe. It all depends on your hardware. I tried burning the image onto an SSD for two different computers. One install worked, one failed (network card was not recognised). For the failed pc running supervised instead of home assistant OS did work.

  2. If having access to run things not available as addons is important or for hardware compatibility you should go supervised. Try the image, if it works let us know if you notice any improvement. I suspect (guess) it won’t be much if noticeable at all. If the image does not work the recommended os for supervised installs is Debian.


I like your anwser, I will first try to burn the image, the NUC one I guess (not a raspberry image).
If not, I’ll install the fastest/lightest Debian flavour (xfce maybe?)

Yes to the NUC image.

I have no idea about Debian distros.

Better install a Debian without GUI. It makes no sense to have a GUI for running HA.

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Only if the OP will never run anything other than HA. I know they said that’s the plan now but they might change their mind later. Then having a desktop will come in handy.

I run a Kodi server on the same NUC I use for HA and the desktop is necessity for running that.

I don’t think the desktop hurts performance at all if that’s the concern and it follows the adage “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. :wink:

Yes and you can always add a desktop later.

As the man said, install debian server. If you want a desktop for some obscure reason, then that is what apt is for.

It can do, the Raspbian desktop has a memory leak. I realise this is not really relevant to Debian, just pointing out that the leaner you run a system the less likely you are to have issues.

Well It looks like when I use the NUC image it doesn’t even boot.
So for now I will go on with Linux + Docker + HA supervised.
At least its faster with a SSD

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Go Debian.