Install on a Qotom Q310G4

I’m in the process of moving from a VM on a slow machine to a repurposed machine just for home assistant. Since it’s not a box I will be logging into all the time I would prefer to just run HAOS so that all the required updates are handled more or less automatically.

The box is currently running Ubuntu 20.04 with no issues, but because I won’t be having a need to log directly into this regularly (other than HA interfaces for home automation stuff itself), so I would like to avoid manually maintaining it.

I installed HA Core on it just fine and got it up and running as per a native Linux install and run it to realise Supervisor isn’t part of the deal.

I believe this would be a more-than-capable box, but I don’t really want to be running a VM on it since the CPU itself doesn’t support virtualisation. I realise that if I allocate pretty much all the system resources to the VM it would probably be fine, it will be installed as a headless unit.

Since the tech specs for the other boxes (ODROID, NUC, RasPi, Tinkerboard) aren’t specifically listed (I note there are many variations for most of those boards, eg ODROID: XU4, HC1, MC1, HC4, C4, N2+, etc, Raspi 1-4, various NUCs and so on), I thought I would just ask the question:

These are the specs of the box I’d like to put HAOS on:

CPU: Intel Celeron Broadwell SOC Processor, 3215U Quad core 2M Cache, 1.7 GHz,
with 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a 128GB

will this be suitable and which download should I use for it?

here is the actual machine:

Any input appreciated.

You can try the NUC version

That does seem the closest to what I have, am currently putting that onto a USB. :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:

weeeellll, that didn’t work.

But while I was playing in the BIOS I was surprised to see that the CPU DOES support virtualisation (for BOTH of it’s 2 cores!

I’ll install a headless server on it and go by way of a supervised install on a KVM…

Let the fun begin


I was surprised to see this handles virtualisation (and was already enabled) out of the box.

The machine isn’t spec’d anything great, but it handles HA perfectly. I have only had one issue where the system overheated because firefox was running and a tab ran away and stole the show. The box overheated however once I identified it I was able to bring the temp down and log back into it and close out of everything except the KVM.

I never bothered with the reinstall and so it does have a GUI which is just not used as the machine is fully controlled via SSH and HA.

So far it’s been a pleasurable experience

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