Install on Existing Raspberry Pi with other web services running


New to this forum. Home Assistant looks like the solution I need for my Home Automation plans.

I have an existing RaspberryPi that I use as a NAS. It also has a light weight, home grown, Java based web application running to display photographs that are archived to the box.

Every 24 hours, at 3am, it runs an rsync job to mirror the files uploaded from my (and my wife’s) phone. It also scans the user data for changes and creates thumbnails of new images. This usually takes about 10 minutes to run.

Currently it uses a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B waiting to upgrade but I have not had a good reason to do that yet.
The existing Pi 3 is rock solid.

32Gig Sandisk Ultra + 500Gig hard disk (300gig used) + 1TB hard disk (as a mirror).
It runs latest Raspberry PI OS lite with SAMBA (3 users), I use ssh + filezilla to manage it.

It has an uninteruptable power supply (UPS) so it is always on. I live in an area that has mains power failures and lost two commercial NAS devices before using the above UPS+RaspberryPI solution.

I do not really want to run TWO Raspberry Pi’s and I am only considering a max of 15 devices.

So (finally) to my question!
Can I install Home Assistant on the same Raspberry Pi, keeping the existing functionality?

I know there is no YES/NO answer, I am looking for ideas, advice, alternatives, etc…

I am an experienced Linux developer with CS degree and an electronics background and I am prepared to work at it.




You will need a supervised, container or core install. See the table here: Home Assistant Installation Methods

And installation guides in the community section.

You should update to the pi4 to do all that and home assistant.