Install on minipc acepc ak1 in rom

good evening,
I’m struggling with the installation of home assistant on a mini pc acepc ak1.
I have been installing supervised home assistant on this mini pc for two years but now I have to reinstall it because I can’t not update it due to internal errors and I don’t remember how I installed it at the time.
My minipc has no hard disk, HA is installed on the rom (64Gb)
My minipc has 4 Gb of ram.
Now I tried them all to install the new updated HA but I don’t understand how I managed to install it in the rom.
I created a usb stick with all the various distributions but I never managed to start the installation.
The only way, which at the moment, I managed to install HA is by installing HA on proxmox by adding a HD, but from what I see is that HA is very slow with this type of installation.
Now I ask you, I would like to understand how I can install on the rom (so without HD) on this minipc.
I’ve been trying for two days but without the expected results.
A help please
Thanks, Alberto