Install on rasberry clone

Last week I was taking trying to install HA on an OrangePI. These devices should be compatible to the raspberry so I should be able to achieve the same thing using the AIO script. I use an Armbian provided Ubuntu 16.04 OS. When I use the AIO script it was kicking me out on creating the fabric-homeassistant folder. Changed the chmod to another user that I created than it does continue and keeps going for a while (does mttq and zwave) but still ending the script and complaining about the fabric-homeassistant folder and stops the script.
Looking for answers I found another type of install that has benefits called hassio,using docker, seems interesting but not ready for production.So what will be the approach for ha in future docker?
Hassbian would have been really nice but only works for RPI, so what would be the best approach for a generic installed OS like ubuntu and what requirements need to be in place to get things up and running when needing to have mttq, zwave and HA on a PI?

Hi @ozbob01, Welcome to HA.
Have you seen ?

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