Install Raspbian first-time, Encryption and MQTT not working

I follow all the video by diyAutoMate. ( I follow all instructions but when I try to do the let’s encryption after duckdns installation, I got error not able to get Certification. Another error is when I do mosquitto publish and sub on the SSH command lines it work, but when I try use Google Lens to login to the Mosquitto - not success. Then I use Arduino board and try login mosquitto receive error -2. Now working again. Frustration the it works on video but not when DIY. Show have one image installation that have all this done for HA and just worry about the GUI instead of dealing with installation issues… Any help will be appreciated…

You’ve already got a topic open about LetsEncrypt, so let’s focus on your Mosquitto problems.

Which version of Raspbian did you install?

Did you configure Google Lens and the Arduino boards to use the LAN IP of your Mosquitto server, or the DuckDNS name?

I install the latest on download from the website. I use GoogleLens using the internal IP address of my Rassbian server IP address with port 8123. I am not sure how to check what my Mosquitto server IP address. I assume the same as HA address. I even use external address still now work. I reinstall several time with different instructions still not working.

If you also installed it on the same server as Home Assistant, it’ll be the same IP.

The port however, that will be 1883.

check it and do it from scratch